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Villa Willy - Nai Harn/Rawai Area

Building Inspectors: Mark K Dietrich, Rinrapat Puwanutchotchai
Date: August 30, 2015
Name: Villa Willy
Phone: N/A
Location: Nai Harn/Rawa

Dear: Willy,

At your request a visual inspection of the above referenced home/land was made. This inspection report reflects the condition of the home only at the time the inspection was made. Hidden, inaccessible or concealed defections cannot be included in this report.

Property Condition Disclosure Statement.

An earnest effort was made on your behalf to identify visible defects. The following is an opinion report, expressed as a result of the inspection. The following page is a SUMMARY report.

Home inspectors are not required to report on the following: Life expectancy of any component or system; the causes of the need for a repair; the methods, material.

And costs of corrections; The suitability of the property for any specialized use; Compliance or non-compliance with codes, ordinances, statutes, regulatory requirements or restrictions; The market value of the property or its marketability; The advisability or inadvisability of purchase of the property; Any component or system that was not observed; The presence or absence of pests such as wood damaging organisms, rodents, or insects; or Cosmetic items, underground items, or items not permanently installed. Home inspectors are not required to: Offer warranties or guarantees of any kind; Calculate the strength, adequacy, or efficiency of any system or component; Enter any area or perform any procedure that may damage the property or its components or be dangerous to the home inspector or other persons; Operate any system or component that is shut down or otherwise inoperable; Operate any system or component that does not respond to normal operating controls; Disturb insulation, move personal items, panels, furniture, equipment, plant life, or debris that obstructs access or visibility; Determine the presence or absence of any suspected adverse environmental condition or hazardous substance, including but not limited to mold, toxins, carcinogens, noise, contaminants in the building or in soil, water, and air; Determine the effectiveness of any system installed to control or remove suspected hazardous substances; Predict future condition, including but not limited to failure of components; Since this report is provided for the specific benefit of the customer(s), secondary readers of this information should hire a licensed inspector to perform an inspection to meet their specific needs and to obtain current information concerning this property.

Other information in this report may be of lesser, equal or more importance to the customer. Please note the work advisory in red color, as this provide an easy way for all to find the inspector’s comments regarding areas that may need repair or that may be of concern, but may not appear in the final summary.


Thank you for selecting our firm to do your pre-purchase home inspection. If you should have any questions regarding this report please feel free to call us.

All the Best

Mark Dietrich


This report has been produced so that any buyer is fully aware of the condition of this villa. All efforts were made to fully disclose any defects or upgrades that may be needed. Many of the defects have already been repaired and some upgrades made.

The overall condition of this is villa is excellent. The owner is a retired contractor from Sweden and has maintained this villa to a high standard. Excellent family villa or for a retired couple with many visitors.


The structure is in good condition no apparent cracks. Good concrete and the correct size and amount of steel were used to construct. There are a few hairline cracks in places but this is only in the rendering and not of a structural concern.

Items that could be upgraded.

  1. The hairline cracks could be repaired.
  2. There is one area of sand wash near the pool that will eventually need to be replaced. This may last for another 4 or 5 years and then this one area be replaced or tiles installed in the whole area.


All is done to a good standard.

System is grounded. Proper size wiring is installed.

There are a few areas where wires and outlets could have been installed inside walls. These connections were an afterthought and that is why we see them secured to the walls.

Items that could be upgraded.

  1. The villa does need the installation of quick trip breakers for wet areas installed. Also needs to have the breaker panels labeled in both Thai and English.
  2. Some exterior wall lights could be replaced for a nicer appearance.
  3. Exterior outlets should have covers.
  4. One exterior junction box need to be replaced and concrete finished off around the base.
  5. Wires for deep well pump should be installed inside a water proof box.


Is installed correctly. All areas are vented. There is adequate amount and size of septic tanks. We used a moisture meter around water lines and all readings were normal. Traps and cleanouts are installed as needed.

Items that could be ungraded.

  1. The sink counters are all very low they could be built higher with new sink bowls for a better appearance.
  2. The granite tops could be replaced.
  3. Showers all need a good cleaning.
  4. The kitchen and bathrooms only have cold water. Electrical hot water heaters could be installed.
  5. Kitchen Faucet in small kitchen could be replaced.
  6. There could be a bathroom installed for the upper bedroom.


The pool and pump room are all in good working order. The pool has had the grout replaced recently. The pool filter is new. All features of the pool are in good working order.


Aspects are in good order. The garden has recently been replanted. The drainage around the property is good. Plenty of parking and Auto gain in good working order.

Items that could be upgraded.

  1. The auto gate could have a sensor installed in case someone or something moves in front of it while closing.


All of the above is in good condition.


All is in good condition.

Items that could be upgraded.

  1. The steps need filler as the wood has shrunk.
  2. The steel frame for the steps could be repainted for a better appearance.
  3. There is some tape on the top of a few doors that should be removed.
  4. New curtains or blinds could be installed.
  5. One bathroom mirror is cracked.
  6. One kitchen cabinet handle needs to be secured.
  7. Ceiling fans are rusting.
  8. The stove tops could be upgraded.


All units are properly installed and in good working order.

Item to be upgraded.

  1. Drain for one unit comes out the bathroom wall and needs to be set in the wall.