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Property Management

At certified phuket real estate our management team is committed to delivering the highest quality and professional service to our clients. Mark Dietrich has been a property Inspector for the 35 years the last 11 in Thailand. Who better to manage your property? A properly managed and maintained property enhances the value and maximizes the return on your investment.

Honest, Hard Working and Reliable, these are just some of the qualities that encourage our current clients to recommend us to friends. Selecting the right management company is one of the most important decisions to make when it comes to your overseas investment property. High on your list of questions should be experience. Since starting in 2003, we have gained years of experience in dealing with property management in Phuket, Thailand.

General Maintenance & Cleaning

With regular property inspections and cleaning schedule, we ensure that the structure and contents of your property are kept in pristine condition, enhancing the value of your investment.

All maintenance, repairs and regular upkeep are supervised and carried out by our trained and professional staff.

Garden Maintenance

To increase the aesthetic value of your property we provide a high standard of garden services. Standard duties include mowing grass, watering, weeding, pruning, cutting back and tidying of flowerbeds.

Pest Control

We understand the great importance of pest control in tropical climates such as Phuket, which is why we work with one of Phukets leading pest control service providers. Leaving our clients worry free from all insects, rodents and the damage they can cause to your property.

Swimming Pool Services

We make sure high quality swimming pool services are provided to our clients. Regular monitoring, twice weekly cleaning, vacuum and water quality checks are to ensure a healthy swimming environment for both owners and their guests.

Administration and Accounting

Utilities Payment

We pay all regular utilities such as water, electricity, internet etc on your behalf. Outsourced contractors, rental deposits and guest fees are also handled by us, making your life easier.

Owners’ reports
Our owner’s portal allows owners to generate statements and online reports for any period. Monthly owner statements are also automatically sent by email. The extranet also gives owners the ability to make their own bookings and block dates for their properties.


Building, Contents, and vehicle insurances handled from quotation to renewal.

Rental Management

While every property type and owners requirements are different, listed below is a brief description of the services Certified Phuket Realestate provides before, during and after a tenant takes possession of your property.
  • Enquiries and Reservations All enquiries are responded to automatically with instant quotes, availability and booking options. Ensuring that every effort is made to convert enquiries into bookings, we also send a same day follow-up email.
  • Rental Agreements Before confirming bookings, a rental agreement must be signed by the tenant. Giving more safety to the owner.
  • Preparing the Property Before putting your property onto the market, we will produce a detailed report including a full safety inspection. Recommendations for upgrades or repairs to improve your property for any prospective tenants. A full inventory is also carried out.
  • Check-in Our Management staff are always at the property to greet guests upon their arrival. Showing them around the property, providing local orientation and information.
  • Marketing As well as being listed on, your property will come with a certificate of safety which can be used in many ways to attract renters.
  • Rent Collection and Monthly Statements Certified Phuket real estate collects all rent payments including deposits. Rent payments are then transferred to the owner’s specified bank account and a detailed monthly report is then sent via email. You can also see these reports at any time on the owner’s extranet.
  • Housekeeping We provide cleaning services and all laundry costs during your guests stay.For holiday rentals (under 90 days) we provide once weekly cleaning and maid service.
  • Repair and Maintenance While your property is occupied we oversee any maintenance and repair services. This could be as small as changing light bulbs to fixing a leak.
  • Tenant Relations On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a wide range of guest services such as; Airport Transport, Vehicle Hire, Check in/out, Local orientation, local tours etc.
  • Check-out When the time comes for the tenant to vacate your property, an inspection will be performed to check the condition of your home. Necessary amounts will be deducted from the deposit in case of any damages.