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Why should I have an inspection/survey?

To protect your investment! In most country’s buyers and pro active sellers have an inspection/survey.

In most countries there ARE government inspections performed as the property is being developed. In Thailand there is not. Yes permits are needed and paid for but there is no service after. So it’s up to the developer or contractor to do as they please no one will check. The big problem here is a little money goes along way. For example why not use half water half paint and save money it will look good for 6 months. Some bigger developments will use project management companies. Sad to say many of the staff who do the inspecting have no real training. So even brand new property needs inspections. Typically we find hundreds of defects some minor some major on every inspection.

Why don’t other real estate agents recommend inspections?

Basically most are afraid it will ruin the sale. Yes real estate is hard to sell in Thailand. Inspections very seldom ruin a sale. I’ve done hundreds and most customers end up buying. In many cases they have already purchased off plan and end up getting what they paid for because of inspections. So before you choose an agent make sure they recommend inspection.

What type of inspections/surveys do we offer?

We inspect villas, condo’s, land, hotels, Restaurants, common areas.
Remodeling work. Repair work.
We inspect from the ground up if you prefer. We also can do an inspection package at key stages of the construction.

We inspect.

  1. Structure
  2. Plumbing
  3. Electrical
  4. Pools
  5. For termites
  6. Roofing
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Ventilation
  9. Drainage
  10. Cosmetics
And many many more items.

For more information on inspection refer to the certified sales rentals.
Or visit Sample report here...

Who should have a safety inspection?

  • The answer owners of all property that are in a rental program.
  • Why? For the safety of there family as well as people who rent the property.
  • In Thailand many properties are not safe.
  • Let us perform a 100 point inspection.
  • You may need to make some small repairs or upgrades.
  • You then receive a safety certificate to display and use in your Rental Marketing.
  • Imagine one property has a safety certificate one does not.
  • Which property would you want to rent.

For more information contact Mark at

What do we check for your safety?

  1. Electrical system.
  2. Walk ways
  3. Windows and doors
  4. Alarm system
  5. Smoke and heat detectors
  6. Lighting
  7. Landscape
  8. Pool and pump room including electrical
  9. Septic and water storage.
  10. Auto gate
  11. Water pumps, hot water heaters.
  12. Many many more items too many to list.

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