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Certified Sales and Rentals:

What is a Certified Sale of Rental Listing?

Simply all properties have been inspected. In another word, all our rentals and sales listings have been inspected. Safe rental properties have been issued a certificate of safety.

This will make your rentals more attractive to customers. It will also make you feel better knowing your property is safe. The cost for owners starts at 3,000 baht per villa.

Upgrades may be needed to qualify for a certificate. The certificate has to be renewed each year at 1,500 Baht per villa.

A great advantage for renters and owners to be a part of this safety program.

Certified Phuket Realestate

Who should have a safety inspection?

  • The answer owners of all property that are in a rental program.
  • Why? For the safety of there family as well as people who rent the property.
  • In Thailand many properties are not safe.
  • Let us perform a 100 point inspection.
  • You may need to make some small repairs or upgrades.
  • You then receive a safety certificate to display and use in your Rental Marketing.
  • Imagine one property has a safety certificate one does not.
  • Which property would you want to rent.

For more information contact Mark at

What do we check for your safety?

  1. Electrical system.
  2. Walk ways
  3. Windows and doors
  4. Alarm system
  5. Smoke and heat detectors
  6. Lighting
  7. Landscape
  8. Pool and pump room including electrical
  9. Septic and water storage.
  10. Auto gate
  11. Water pumps, hot water heaters.
  12. Many many more items too many to list.

Sample report is coming soon...

Certified listed for sale properties:

All are for sale properties have been pre-inspected. They all have a full report with pictures to document both the good and the needed repairs or upgrades for the property. Sample report here.

We personally will come out and explain your property to prospective buyers. We believe honesty about your property is the best solution to sell.

This is a buyer’s market so we know the up-front honest approach with fair prices will help you sell.

Pro-active sellers!

The big question do I really want to sell???

There are many companies to list with, but what do I get or what are they doing to help me sell?

Most are just listing on their web site waiting for buyers to call.

An inspection will give you advantage.

Why should I?

  1. Being honest is always good.
  2. Listed on our web site. Buyers will be attracted to an agency that pre-inspected for them.
  3. We will go over the report with buyers.
  4. We can split commissions with other agents and help them sell.
  5. Lower commission rate of 3% if you make the needed repairs and give us an exclusive listing.


Repairing or disclosing defects will help your property sell.

Repairs and or updates will make your villa show better.

In the end your villa could sell faster than the others.

Its win win for all.

For more information email to set up a free no obligation meeting.

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